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Nagy Family – November 2016

Dear Friends, Breaking news:


Rylan Nagy

It is with much joy that we can introduce you to Rylan James, the newest member of our family, born October 30, weighing 7 lb 3 oz. Our goal was to have a home birth, but in the last moments before the delivery, baby’s heart rate was dropping significantly with each contraction. The midwife made the decision to call the ambulance, and Rylan was born en route to the hospital. We discovered that the problem had been that the umbilical cord was around his neck, so once he was born, he recovered quickly. We praise God for a healthy baby!

We also praise the Lord for answering our need before we even knew about it. We must share with you how God worked for us recently. My dad often says, “Thank God for small miracles!” I think, though, that any miracle God does is big, and reminds us of His great love. This instance was no exception. Here’s the story firsthand from Nik.

Jud Wickwire was here in Scottsdale for a few days before he went on to visit the AWA mission project in Guyana. The airplane there was undergoing an annual inspection, and Jud was going to take along some of the parts that we knew were needed for necessary repairs. The inspection was progressing well, and I only received a few emails with requests for additional smaller parts and items.

It was less than 24 hours before Jud was leaving for Guyana when we received an email from the mechanic who was working on the plane. “Houston, we have a problem,” stated the subject line and both Jud and I knew that this was serious. November 2016 The email indicated that there was an issue with a cracked aluminum casting that holds the left landing gear in place. We were facing possible weeks of down time for the plane and thousands of dollars for the part. We needed the part fast and at a discounted price.

At the time that we received the email, Jud and I were visiting a local aviation repair shop, so we started our part search there. Our findings were discouraging. The employees at the shop informed us that the part is very hard to find and it would cost between $5,000 and $8,000.

In a situation like this, I usually have to go to my office to get a list of aircraft parts distributors and make many, many phone calls before I locate the desired part. But before returning to my office on the Thunderbird campus, which was about 40 minutes away, Jud suggested that we call a nearby parts distributor. To our astonishment, they not only had the part that was needed, but they gave us a great discount! Within 20 minutes after receiving the email, we had the part in our hands—God’s not-so-small miracle! Another miracle was that the repair shop in Guyana had experience in replacing these parts and were able to do the work for us. The plane was back in service after just a short six days.

Sometimes we forget that God cares about the details. He even cares about broken airplane parts. I learned that instead of running through worst-case scenarios, we should ask our Heavenly Father for help. All the resources in the world are His.

Prayer Corner:

  • Praise God that Nik was able to pass his exam and obtain his Inspection Authorization. In short, he can now approve airplanes for a return to service after inspections.
  • Nik’s citizenship application is in the works, with only an interview and naturalization test remaining. Pray that the process will go smoothly. He will have much less red tape with the Federal Aviation Administration as an American citizen.
  • Keep praying that we will get the approval needed from the city so that we can get the hangar set up here at Thunderbird campus.
  • Pray that God will raise up more financial partners to support this work.
  • Ask our Heavenly Father for wisdom and patience as we adjust to our new family dynamics.


Nik, Lynette, Devyn, Simon, and Rylan Nagy

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