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Lea Family – October 2016

Dear Family and Friends:

“Every life is a light that brightens and cheers the pathway of others.”

Lea Family


Our lives have been cheered by the kindness of others as we’ve traveled from St. Louis, Missouri to Centerville, Tennessee, and then on to Collegedale, Tennessee. AWA requested that we stop by Wings of Hope, a mission organization located in St. Louis, Missouri, to help finish off and collect the plane purchased by AWA from Wings of Hope for the Nicaragua project. We were happy to represent AWA at Wings of Hope and were impressed by the way this organization operates. The Cessna 182 was getting kitted out for bush flying.

While the paperwork process is finalized in preparation for the plane to be flown to Nicaragua, we are using it in the United States to visit our donors and give presentations. During our time in St Louis, we were offered accommodation by two lovely families–the Durbins and the Cooks. We won’t forget their warm hospitality to us. Wings of Hope offered us their courtesy vehicle for driving around in St. Louis, and we appreciated having wheels.

One evening, while using the courtesy car on our way to Wings of Hope, Darren noticed the power steering quit working. He slowed down a bit; then the air-conditioning cut out, too. Moments later we were forced to pull over. The temperature had soared. We had been traveling in a convoy with some friends. They were ahead and had not realized that we had stopped October 2016 following. The worst thing was that we didn’t have any way to contact them. Our cell phones were not usable since they hadn’t been connected to the network. Darren opened the hood and pried loose what was left of the fan belt, which was in shreds. Traffic whizzed by without even slowing. We tried to motion for help, but no one paid us attention. Who stops to help strangers on the road these days? I mused at how quickly things had gone from a pleasant outing to being stuck on the side of the road. Here I was with the baby, windows closed for security, on a hot sticky evening, unable to run the air-conditioner. When traffic died down, I’d hold the door open a bit to get fresh air. All the while I was praying for help.

Darren had taken a walk to see if he could use someone’s phone. He thought there was a residential area on a slope above where we were waiting. Just having been made aware of the “Ferguson episode” that had taken place not too far away, we were very conscious that people were on guard. Anything out of the ordinary could be met with a violent response. It seemed a long time had passed when Darren finally reappeared. He had managed to borrow someone’s phone to contact our friend, who was on his way!

Something my mother would say when we were growing up was, “When you find yourself in a desperate situation, look for things you can be thankful for.” I could think of a few reasons to be thankful. We had broken down about five miles from where we could get a replacement belt, and we had a friend willing to help us! A quick repair job (once we had the correct fan belt and tool) got the vehicle back on the road, and soon we were heading for bed.

Why these things happen is sometimes a mystery; more importantly, we should ask, How do we deal with situations like these? Do they cost us our peace? Do they move us to despair? Do we get angry and upset because of a, ‘Why Me!’ attitude?

The solution is to work on our CONNECTION! While kind people have since gotten our mobile phones added to their line and we can make calls anywhere now, the more important “connection” is with Heaven. Is there something blocking our ability to contact our best Friend, who wants to do more for us than we could even ask or think?

Why not spend a moment talking to Him right now. Unload all the burdens we so quickly heap on our shoulders. Tell Him all that’s on your heart. Please also include the work in Guyana. We want to be ready to go at His bidding. We are praying for the resources to be able to deploy as soon as possible.

Thank you for being part of our ministry. We appreciate your involvement. Blessings to you Darren, Joanne & Rosanna Lea

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