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LaBore Family – December 2016

Dear Family and Friends:

The “fire grass” in the field gently swayed with the wind; it didn’t know it’s days were numbered. Fire grass gets its name because in the dry season it dries out and catches on fire easily, quickly traveling in a crackling wall of fire, destroying everything in its path. It grows runners, making it difficult to walk in, and chokes out any garden within its reach. The cows and caribou (water buffalo) that eat it are probably the only creatures that enjoy it.

Rice Harvest

Rice Harvest

The 2.5 acres of this fire grass were about to be torn up from its roots. The caribou was fitted with the plow, and workers went to work digging the grass out by its roots. After the claydirt was plowed up, the workers then used shovels and pickaxes to build small dirt walls. They were making rice patties. But these weren’t going to be just any rice patties. These are dedicated December 2016 to outreach on our island.

The idea of this venture was to grow rice, providing jobs for about ten local workers. Also, the proceeds from the project would go towards evangelism, supplies for VBS and help out Adventist college students who attend secular colleges because there are no Adventist universities on our island.

After the small walls had been built, they were able to flood the parties to soak the earth. At the same time, the rice seed was soaked for several days until it started to sprout and then sprinkled out by hand to sow the seeds.

It was exciting to see the first little blades of rice sprouting up, knowing that all of it would go to helping others. Our teammates, Edgar and Raylene Espinosa and our family, went out and sprinkled fertilizer over all the new little sprouts to help them grow. Of course, our family had never fertilized rice before, but we had fun learning!

The rice took over 125 days to mature; then it was time to reap it. We again hired workers to reap the rice with sickles. It’s back breaking work, but very satisfying to see bundles lined up on the field, waiting to be carted away. Our family went out and learned how to harvest it, with only minor cuts to the fingers! All the credit, though, goes to the workers who stayed out there all day long. Because the rice was ready to harvest, we had wanted to reap it a week earlier. However, the rain kept us from doing so.

Large bundles that had been carefully tied and laid on their sides were hoisted onto the caribow cart and hauled to where we live. We had rented a thresher, and the men went to work threshing the rice. They filled bag after bag and the thresher spit out the little kernels of rice. They worked late into the night to finish the job, working by the light of a motorcycle headlight and a light bulb strung up in a tree.

In the end, we harvested 62 bags of rice. When it was all completed, the workers were paid their wages either in cash or rice, and we made $644! That may not seem like much but, remember, a daily wage here is only $6/day, so $644 will go a long way toward helping others. We had prayed during the whole process that God would bless our efforts, and He certainly did!


Bill and Laura LaBore and family
Project Manager Adventist
World Aviation Foundation

December 2016 Prayer Partner Requests

As a prayer warrior, we ask for you to pray for specific prayer requests related to the Philippine’s Project. Occasionally, we ask for prayer in specific areas related to AWA in general as these requests often impact us. With God’s guidance, our ministry can open doors into areas that have never been reached with the gospel and hasten the coming of Jesus. When you receive our letter each month, we include this special prayer list in the envelope and we ask that you lift these up to the Lord. We will provide updates regarding prayers that have been answered so that you can receive the blessing of seeing God at work. Here is the list for this month:


  • Travis Maloney and Jeff Zeismer, along with a team of others, are headed back to the Philippines in January 2017, to pour the floor for our house and do the cabinetry. We are just so thankful for the commitment of these dedicated individuals.
  • The roof is completed on the mission house.
  • Our family returned safely to the states on November 8 and have had a great time visiting friends and family and speaking almost every Sabbath about the Philippines’ project at various churches. God has been very good to us!


  • Received an email from Edgar Espinosa last Sunday and he sadly informed me that their house was broken into on Sabbath when they were at church. The robbers got away with a significant amount of cash and his laptop. Please keep them in prayer, and also pray for the robbers that they would repent of what they have done.
  • We desperately need a student missionary for the 2017-2018 school year to homeschool our children. Please pray for the Lord to reveal to us who this might be. If you know of anyone who would be interested, please email Bill at blabore@flyawa.org
  • Laura and AWA Safety Manager, Randy Ferguson, flew to Missionary Maintenance Services (MMS) in Coshocton, OH to check on the progress of our Philippines mission airplane, N81708. Please keep MMS in prayer as they are aiming to complete the overhaul over the next couple of months. We are hoping for delivery to the Philippines early summer 2017.
  • Laura has been flying in the states with an instructor again to fine tune her skills and get current again. By AWA’s request, she will be headed to Guyana in February to train a new pilot who will be flying there. Our children are also going so they can reconnect with their friends; they really need that. Please keep Laura’s flight training and this trip in your prayers.
  • Ongoing Request! We are really in need of a new generator for our project—one that can be easily transported. We used a Honda 2000 in Guyana and loved it and are hoping to acquire the same here. Cost is US$1,000. Pray for God to lead in this acquisition and for the resources to be there when needed.
  • Ongoing Request! Please keep Laura’s pilot licensing in prayer as there are a number of hoops still to be jumped through.
  • Ongoing Request! Please pray regularly for the Holy Spirit to be poured out upon people here to prepare their hearts to receive the gospel message and for Him also to lead our team into the areas He wants us to work. The Philippines is a vast mission field and we need His guidance!
  • Ongoing Request! We are asking for the Holy Spirit to move upon the hearts of God’s people to bring forward more volunteers for AWA in general. Pilots, Bible Workers, medical professionals, etc. are all needed.


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