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Housing is Needed in Nicaragua

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Nicaragua Mission Project

Nicaragua Mission Project

Living in North America we become accustomed to certain things, such as clean running water, electricity, daily food, reliable telephone service and internet, medical care, easy transportation, education, privilege to worship in a nice church, and a nice home (even if it is less than 1,000 square feet). Have you ever been on a short-term mission trip? If so, you may have experienced the feeling of not having all the qualities of life that you have in North America. How about being a long-term missionary?

Adventist World Aviation has a mission team in Nicaragua. They made the decision to serve God, even if that meant giving up things they were accustomed. The joy of serving is a powerful feeling. When you partner with God, you almost feel invincible and that you can take on the “trials” of mission service. Why? Because you know that God is with you and will protect you, and because you know that people “back home” will support you with their prayers and financial support.

So, what is the team in Nicaragua lacking? Besides running water and electricity, they are lacking housing. Yet, they are not complaining because they know that you will help AWA raise the funds to upgrade the existing two structures, build two additional home, construct a well and water tower, and purchase an additional vehicle for the AWA airbase. In addition, funding is needed for a septic system, and solar power. The estimate budget is $162,500.

Our teams in Nicaragua are dedicated in sharing Jesus’ message of hope to those in the La Tronquera area of Nicaragua. They have given up their belongings and comfortable lifestyle in North America to become disciples for Jesus. Are you willing to give up something to be part of their team? Are you willing to become a monthly partner for the Nicaragua project and those serving in the jungles there?

Won’t you help us make this possible? Our goal is to raise $162,500 in December–beginning with #GivingTuesday!


Pastor Ric Swaningson

Our goal: $162,500

Won’t you help us make this possible? Our goal is to raise $162,500 in December–beginning with #GivingTuesday!

Your prayers and financial support have a huge impact on our projects.

Thank you!

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