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Hansen Family – November 2016

Dear Family and Friends:

“I am so sorry, we still don’t have permission to fly, we cannot help you.”

Fueling Plane

This is the response that Artur Karst, Adventist World Aviation mission pilot in Nicaragua, has been giving to urgent requests for emergency transportation for the past several months. Many of the calls are for young girls in difficult labor, and others are for children who would not survive the many, many hours of transport by boat and bus due to their severe complications. Slowly the calls have stopped as the surrounding villages learn that the AWA mission plane cannot help them.

The reasons why we are grounded are complicated. Operating a US registered airplane in Nicaragua requires that many conditions be met. Since AWA has taken over the project, the government permissions had to be renewed, which is the challenge that Nancy and I have taken on. We have sent countless letters and made many phone calls to understand and work through each issue. We praise God that we are in the final stages of meeting all the requirements. One of the most difficult challenges was finding local insurance to cover our US registered airplane, and this is now in place. As we write this letter, all that remains is a final review by the Nicaraguan Civil Aviation Authority of all our documents for permission to be granted. Please pray that this will happen in the next few days!

Our pilot, Artur Karst, and his wife Margarita have been instrumental in making contact with government authorities and delivering the letters to the different offices in Nicaragua for our permits to be granted.

Medical Care

You will recall Carolina, a 7-year-old girl with down’s syndrome who was born with a club foot and desperately needed surgery to correct the problem. Our AWA missionaries in Nicaragua (Francisco and Victoria Alvarez) recently sent us an update that we want to share with you. Here is some more information and pictures of Carolina with her sister and Dr. Bellanger. He is November 2016 the surgeon from the maternal clinic in Juigalpa Chontales. He removed the staples and applied a cast to straighten her foot; all this was done October 13, 2016, and the cast was removed on October 25. The doctor said that the extra tissue she has grown on her foot would need to be removed, and with an orthopedic shoe, she will walk properly. The doctor will decide in the first week of December what the next step will be.

On the American Thanksgiving, Hurricane Otto made history by being the first hurricane to form this late in the season since 2003. Our airbase is safe, as well as our missionaries to the South. Even the rain was not as strong as expected and there was minimal flooding. The area along the Costa Rican border was affected the most. Thank you for your prayers, and God’s protection!

Since our last newsletter, Norman was asked by the AWA Administration to be Project Manager for AWANicaragua, which involves a team of four families, and we ask for your prayers so that God will grant us wisdom to deal with this great responsibility.

Even though we have been very busy with negotiating permission for our plane to fly in Nicaragua, Norman has also been working on his flight training and will continue to do so. It has been slowed because of the additional duties, as well as mechanical problems with the airplane. We trust that much progress will be made before the year ends.

Prayer Requests and Praises!

  • Pray that permission will be granted for our plane to fly in Nicaragua so we can resume emergency flights.
  • Pray for resources for building a house in Nicaragua for our family.
  • Please pray for the Kaboos and Karst families who are already in Nicaragua. ! Please pray for good weather, wisdom, and skill as Norman continues to work on his commercial pilot’s license.
  • We praise God that my father has returned home from the hospital after his second stroke. Even though his mobility is very poor we are thankful he is home.
  • For some reasons, we found it necessary to find new homes for the pets we had on our acreage that we had sold, which was causing a lot of stress for our family. After praying for several weeks, we saw God answer our prayers with excellent homes for our dog and cat, and we are most grateful!
  • We are very thankful for each of you who have supported us with your prayers and donations. We are truly humbled and grateful for each of you and your ongoing partnership.

God bless you all, Norman, Nancy, Andrew, Steven, and Melanie Hansen

Contact info: Norman:
norman@flyawa.org | (403) 357-9740
Nancy: nancy@flyawa.org | (403) 357-7474

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