| | | Hansen Family – June 2016

Hansen Family – June 2016

Dear Friends & Family,

What a busy and exciting month this has been! Every day we wake up thanking God, knowing that His grace and power sustain us. We feel humbled knowing that He has called us to work for the Miskito people of Nicaragua, and this keeps us motivated.

The month began with preparations to take the Cessna 150 from Alberta to Kelowna, BC for the AWA open house. We had a great turnout and were able to meet many friends and supporters. The following day we started the annual maintenance on the Cessna 150 at Skytek Aircraft Services in Vernon, BC. We were grateful that Justin McCann came from Edmonton to help assist with the annual. This was also an opportunity for me to learn about aircraft maintenance.

Hansen Family

Hansen Family

We found that one of the cylinders needed replacing along with many other routine items. The rear spinner plate on the propeller had a small crack in it that required replacement. Because of the time needed to manufacture and ship this part, we had to leave the plane in BC, and we hope to pick it up in the next week or so.

During the month of July, our family will be attending Institute of World Missions at Andrews University, together with the other missionaries who will be going to Nicaragua. This will be an exciting time since we will meet some of them for the first time. To allow time for this, I will be ending my employment with Burman University on June 30 and transitioning full time to Adventist World Aviation.

Praises & Prayer Requests

  • We are still looking for good homes for our three pets. We have a beautiful cockatiel, a cat, and a very friendly Rough Collie.
  • We have had some people interested in our acreage and hope that we will have an offer soon.
  • Once our property sells, we will be looking for an RV as a temporary home while we finish flight training and prepare to leave.
  • Thank you for your continued prayers for my father. He will finally be coming home from the hospital on June 22, and we pray for his full recovery.

Each one of you is an important part of our mission, and we couldn’t do it without your prayers and financial support. We look forward to the day when our newsletters will come from Nicaragua with stories of how your generosity has helped the Miskito people both physically and spiritually. If you would like to contact us you can do so at norman@flyawa.org or call 403-357-9740.

In His Service,
Norman, Nancy, Andrew, Steven, and Melanie Hansen

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